Baddies n Buddies: Brooklyn livery driver attacked in deli after he wouldn’t give group of people who surrounded his car a ride: cops

A livery car driver who refused to give a ride to a group of people who surrounded his car in Brooklyn was pelted with metal cans and a bottle, and beaten with a metal rod, police said Tuesday.

Police are asking the public’s help in finding the man and woman responsible for the vicious Feb. 10 beating.

According to cops, the 59-year-old driver was stopped at a red light near a deli on Fulton St. at Throop Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant about 11:10 p.m. when the malicious strangers surrounded his livery car, cops said. A man opened the passenger door and demanded a ride, and the driver — spooked by the encounter — got out of his car and walked into the nearby deli to call 911.

The would-be passenger who demanded a ride then followed the driver into the deli and tried to swipe his wallet, cops said. They started arguing, and the man started punching the driver, and threw cans and a bottle at him.



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