Jamaica: Cannabis Licensing Authority-CLA head knocks doctors prescribing medical ganja via Skype

Chairperson of the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), Cindy Lightbourne, is concerned about the operations of some of the local players in the medical ganja industry, who she accused of unethical practices.

She particularly pinpointed medical doctors.

Speaking at the Rotary Club of St Andrew North’s meeting on Monday evening at Altamont Court Hotel in New Kingston, Lightbourne said she has heard reports of doctors prescribing medical marijuana through Skype, without actually physically seeing the respective patients.

According to her, such practices can pose serious issues for the industry, noting, however, that it is outside the scope of her entity to act on the reports.

Lightbourne said: “in Jamaica for when it (medical marijuana) is dispensed, it is supposed to be done by virtue of a recommendation from a medical practitioner. The concern that is happening now is, for instance, (that) there is one place that you can see the doctor via Skype.”


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