Dominican Republic: Forum of Parties asks the Central Electoral Board to automate the scrutiny

The Forum of Political Parties of the Dominican Republic ( Foppredom ) warned yesterday that for the municipal elections of 2020 the current system will not favor reliable results.

For the Foppredom , the automation and the publicity of the scrutiny are essential values ​​for a diaphanous, efficient and fast electoral process.

In that sense, the organization that groups dozens of the system’s parties understands that it is a mirage to believe that manual scrutiny can offer reliable electoral results in 2020, since the preferential vote will be used for municipal councilors.

Speaking on behalf of the parties that form that political entity, Pedro Corporán said that instead of consigning the cost of the counting automation equipment as primary expenses, the Central Electoral Board should apply it to the cost of the ordinary elections and dispose of from now on, of those teams to be used in the municipal elections of February 2020.

“We urge the JCE to automate the scrutiny, because it is the basis of a substantial and positive transformation of the electoral system, which results in loyalty and opportunity,” reads one of the paragraphs of the press release. 


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