PARAMARIBO – So far, there are no indications that the cocaine that was recently intercepted by the Portuguese justice on board a ship was loaded into Suriname in Suriname. The suspicion is high that 2.5 tons of cocaine, after the Sea Scan 1 has left Paramaribo, has been brought on board at sea in front of the Surinamese coast. From a well-imported source it is learned that the vessel providing services to oil-based activities at sea was docked at the Kuldipsingh Port Facility.

“It is almost 90 percent sure that the drugs have not been loaded on land.The investigation in Portugal and the statements of the suspects will bring to light how things work,” says a senior official within the security chain. For the time being, no reports have been received from the Portuguese authorities about the state of affairs in the investigation. The ship left Paramaribo on 11 January, according to maritime data verified by the Ware Tijd .

In the last week of January the Sea Scan 1 was held in international waters near the island of Sao Vicente. The ship was monitored by various international investigation units. More than 130 troops were involved in the detention action, receiving support from the Portuguese Navy and Air Force. A total of 2,500 kilos of cocaine was confiscated and eleven passengers were insured.


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