Cuba’s Revolutionary Parades and People Losing Everything

As is tradition already, Cuban Communists held an event on January 28th, which involves marching with torches to see in Marti’s birthday. It’s a post-revolutionary simulation of the parade that Fidel Castro and young people (known as the Centennial Generation) took part in in 1953, when it was the 100th anniversary of our Apostle, Jose Marti’s birth.

However, this year, the celebration coincided with a catastrophic event, separated by just a few hours difference, which caused a great deal of material and human damage in the capital. Not cancelling the parade was at the very least in bad taste and resulted somewhat ironic and out of place.

In that situation, while hundreds or thousands of people were crying because they had just lost everything and saw how their homes and neighborhood were converted into rubble in just a few minutes, thousands of young people, headed by the Government and Communist Party, marched just a few blocks away and shouted out cheers for the Revolution and Marti.



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