Trinidad: WE REJECT ROWLEY-Guaidó deputy slams TT ‘support’ for Maduro

This was the view of Deputy to the Venezuelan National Assembly Carlos Enrique Valero who yesterday took to his twitter account, @CarlosValero08, to condemn and outright reject Prime Minister Dr Rowley and the TT government for its continued “support” of the Nicolás Maduro government in Venezuela.

Head of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó has declared himself interim President of Venezuela and has the support of the European Union (EU), Canada, the United States and several other major world nations. Maduro has the support of Russia and China and more importantly, the Venezuelan military.

Valero first issued a release to the Trinidad and Tobago public last week, thanking the government and police for the rescue of 19 Spanish-speaking girls during a sex raid last Wednesday in several parts of Trinidad including Westmoorings, Ariapita Avenue and Curepe. Eighteen suspects, including several Asian men, were detained.


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