Cuba: Female Gamers in Cuba: Playing against Discrimination

Claudia has been told “you’re mine” and has heard people say to others: “don’t get mixed up with her, she’s my girl.” She went from being “a disgrace” to having “so many boyfriends in the incredible DotA (game).”

However, she tells us, laughing, that they aren’t used to seeing her play. Male gamers look after her because “hell, there aren’t any girls that play DotA.”

Maybe this is why Melania was also told that she didn’t know how to play. Lara has felt discriminated against: “they think that we are inferior, that we don’t have the same skills or knack that they do.” And, Dalila labels them “machistas, but silly words fall on deaf ears.”

Dalila says that “when you’ve been playing for a while, they start recognizing you.” “We understand them,” Claudia adds, because “having a gamer girlfriend isn’t the same as having a normal girlfriend. A gamer girlfriend will say, let’s play together. A normal girlfriend will say, what are you doing playing? Get up!”.



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