Noose photos labeled ‘back to school necklaces’ by middle school teachers outrage parents

A Long Island school district is taking some of its middle school teachers to task after they displayed a photo collage that included a picture of two nooses labeled “back to school necklaces” in the mostly minority Roosevelt Middle School.

Many found the photo, embedded in a collage, to be highly offensive, and a local pastor is calling for the teachers involved to be fired.

“I was very upset about it. I mean, if they feel that way then they’re in the wrong school district,” said Yvette Hudson of Roosevelt, to News12 Long Island. She also expressed relief that her kids were grown and no longer attending the school.

“That may not be what they’re trying to say,” Savitri Lekhram of Hempstead told News12.

“It’s probably just a joke, it probably has nothing to do with African-Americans or anything. But at the same time they can still draw that connection.”

The Roosevelt School district issued a brief, terse statement calling it a “personnel matter” and saying they could not comment further.



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