Jamaica: February 11 is international day of women and girls in science

KINGSTON, Jamaica — In observance of ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’ on February 11, the Ministry of Science and Technology will undertake a social media campaign to highlight the work of female scientists throughout its divisions and agencies.

Chief Research Officer in the ministry’s Planning, Development and Evaluation Division, Zahra Oliphant, says the campaign also aims to highlight the many options through which they contribute to national development.

“The ministry is designed to drive the science agenda of this country, and I think it is important that we as female practitioners of science know that we can play an important role in national development,” she says.

Oliphant argues that “female scientists are equally important, and from where I sit, I think it is a privileged position to do research that affects national development”.

“There is a place throughout the Government for other persons like me, to make an impact outside of the laboratories and the field, where your skills and expertise can still be beneficial,” she adds.

Oliphant tells JIS News that she initially planned to pursue career in cardiology, but changed course midstream to fresh water ecology, encourages other females to follow their dreams and passion, even in the face of naysayers’ discouragement.



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