Dominican Republic: Electoral Law sets the limit of expenses in campaign at RD $ 122.5 for each voter

The draft Electoral Regime Law approved by the Senate of the Republic updates the normative framework for the composition of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) and regarding the holding of general elections, with important modifications such as the cap on expenses to the political parties for the propaganda campaigns of RD $ 122.50 for each citizen registered in the voter registry.

Thus, there would also be limits for the candidates in the following way: aspiring presidents could incur a maximum cost of RD $ 122.50 for each registered voter; candidates for congressional positions could spend RD $ 105 for each skilled elector at the level of the province or constituency; Aspiring mayors and municipal district directors could make expenditures of RD $ 87.5 for each voter of their respective demarcation and would-be councilors and vowels would have a fixed ceiling of RD $ 43.75 for each voter of their demarcation.

In the bill approved on Saturday by the Senate and that must now be known by the Chamber of Deputies, it was established that contributions by individuals to parties may not exceed one percent of the limits or ceilings provided by law.



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