Dominica: making progress in embracing black heritage says Reparations Committee Chairman

The Chairman of the Dominica Reparations Committee, Dr. Damian Dublin, says the theme for Black History Month this year “Know Thyself”, aims to encourage people to find out about their heritage and culture and to be better informed of their history.
“We think its important to focus on that theme. Basically we want to use this month to reflect and find our more about the whole African struggle, the Caribbean situation and Kalinago history because the whole black struggle stems from way back. We want people to know that we come from a mighty race and we should be proud,” Dr. Dublin said.
Black History Month is being celebrated during the month of February.

The Dominica Reparations Committee in collaboration with The University of the West Indies (UWI), Dominica Broadcasting Station (DBS), House of Nyabingi, the National Youth Council (NYC) and the Public Library Services is planning a series of events to celebrate the occasion.

The celebration started with an event on the February 1st, 2019 and  is hoping to accomplish various activities through he course of this month.

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