Sexy Suzie wins Calypso Queen crown

After competing for the Calypso Queen title for some 27 years, Natasha Nurse, better known as Sexy Suzie finally copped the coveted crown with a social commentary written by Larry Harewood titled, De Wrong Name.

Hosted by the National Women’s Action Committee (NWAC), the show was held at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s on Monday night.

Speaking on her victory Suzie said: “I am over happy, I’m proud, I feel like all my hard work over the years have played off for my NJAC school, because I learnt a lot from NJAC as the years went by.”

Previously, Suzie’s highest placings came years ago when she placed fourth with a song called Insufficient Time, and about five years ago, she came fifth with a selection called The Maury Show.



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