Dominican Republic: Fifty thousand complaints against the health system

In 2001, when Law 87-01 was enacted that created the Dominican Social Security System, many doubts arose regarding the wonders that Family Health Insurance would bring us. Its promoters, at that time, affirmed that we were wrong: what will they say now, eighteen years later, when they hear that the Superintendent of Health and Occupational Hazards affirms that they receive 50 thousand complaints per year from members who have been denied services of health?

Can it be said that a system has been successful even though it receives 137 complaints a day, 961 a week and 4,166 a month? We are talking about rights denied by the Health Risk Managers (ARS)!

The creation of the ARS has only been of benefit to them. The insured, however, we have to pay more for what we had before because many doctors are not affiliated with the system or, if they are, they charge significant differences. 



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