The Truth About What’s Happening In Venezuela Right Now Is Not What The Media Is Reporting

There have been a lot of things going on lately. The massive demonstrations in support to our Constitutional president Juan Guaido have unchained a LOT of repression and retaliation by those trying to avoid the dismemberment of the last stronghold of the Maduro and Castro gangs.

This is inevitable though. The suffering has been unbelievable and the cost in human lives, too high for those responsible to achieve some kind of agreement.

Lots of rumors have been plaguing the social networks. The media are not broadcasting anything that could compromise them. There is a TOTAL media blackout. The institution created by Hugo Chavez as a means to censure and control the media, CONATEL, has issued a prohibition of the name of the president under severe penalties.

The control of the people by force is achieving levels only seen in other countries, like the civil war in Guatemala or Nicaragua. There have been random (and some of them very calculated) kidnappings, children 13 and 14 years old being imprisoned, including girls, it has been quite messy.

There are lots of rumors in the social networks and the information has to be carefully picked up.

All of this confirms that our institutions, ALL OF THEM have been infiltrated, and they are under the control of people obeying foreign interests. Our officers of all ranks are being held hostage, and getting under prison without warning, based only on suspicious behavior. Generals and colonels included. Troops have NO ACCESS TO AMMO and this is an act of war.


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