Marc Andreessen shares the 4 realities facing every entrepreneur today

When I read business news today, I typically see three kinds of stories: hot startups taking industries by storm, established giants plowing ahead, or massive business failures and catastrophes.

What I don’t see is what happens along the way to most entrepreneurs most of the time. The daily struggles and triumphs entrepreneurs face rarely make headlines, but as an entrepreneur and cofounder of a public company, I find that those are the stories and lessons that are the most valuable.

This is the reason I’m co-hosting a new podcast called Zero to IPO, which discusses what it’s like to be in the trenches of building a company from idea to IPO. In each episode, Joshua Davis–cofounder of Epic Magazine–and I chat with founders about different stages of a company’s growth, and tackle their challenges from all sides.

In our first episode, we sat down with a serial entrepreneur turned investor who needs no introduction: Marc Andreessen. Marc highlighted how building a successful company takes far more than a big idea–it takes a solid understanding of the reality and journey ahead. Here are four lessons Marc and I learned throughout our career paths that every aspiring entrepreneur can take to heart.


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