Jamaica: Marshall and Brown launches Jamaican gourmet line in UK

A new premium Jamaican product line, Marshall & Brown, has been launched in the United Kingdom (UK) to fill a gap in the market for authentic Jamaican food and cooking ingredients. The brand was launched by first generation British-Jamaican, Dr Carlton Brown, on January 30, 2019 at the Jamaican High Commission in London.

The product line is made in Jamaica and will include six different flavoured Mama Brown Jamaican rum cakes, six varieties of Jerk House sauces and seasonings, a Jamaican rum punch and a range of artisan chocolates. Products such as the rum punch and chocolates are produced in the UK using Jamaican rum; the rest are produced in Jamaica and all the ingredients, including thyme and onions, are sourced on the island.

The entrepreneur noted that what makes his products high quality is the fact that they are made in Jamaica.

“There are other Jamaican foods on the market such as jerk sauces but the difference is that mine are made in Jamaica and we also have a Jamaican mustard sauce that is unique,” Dr Brown revealed. “My aim is for Marshall & Brown to be perceived as the premium, luxury Jamaican brand. Going forward, we expect to add more products to the range.”



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