SEE IT-Bahamas: Sixteen Dead After Haitian Boat Capsizes

SIXTEEN people are dead and 15 have been rescued after a Haitian refugee boat capsized off Abaco early on Saturday morning.

After the discovery of four bodies in the water near Man O War Cay at the entrance of Marsh Harbour by local residents, Police, Fire and Rescue Services, along with Immigration and Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) personnel stationed in Abaco, conducted a search near Fowl Cay and Man O War Cay.


A map of Fowl Cay and Man O War Cay showing the approximate position of the sunken vessel. (RBDF image)

 Officials were later joined in the search by an RBDF patrol vessel already in the area, Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship (HMBS) Durward Knowles and a United States Coast Guard helicopter.

A total of 15 Haitian nationals were found on the cay and were taken aboard HMBS Durward Knowles under the command of Lieutenant Commander Omarv Saunders.

They were subsequently transported to the clinic in Marsh Harbour for evaluation, and handed over to Immigration and police officials for further investigation.

A submerged vessel was later spotted by the USCG helicopter on Saturday afternoon.

A dive operation by RBDF divers and a local diver found an additional twelve bodies in the vessel on the seabed in reef-filled waters near Fowl Cay.

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