Haiti: The opposition gets organized and strengthens against the Head of State

At the local of Christian Complex of Petit-Goâve, activists and supporters of the opposition, from Gressier, Léogâne, Grand-Goâve, the Second Plain and members of grassroots organizations and the Senator Nénel Cassis (Famni Lavalas) took part in a Forum to constitute a strong and united front, to lead an effective fight against the administration Moses-Céant during a big mobilization against the power in place, envisaged the 7 February next

“Our schools are in crisis. The Gourde currency is significantly depreciated against the US dollar. Life is difficult because of rising prices of product of first necessities. Our future is mortgaged. The solution is the resignation of Jovenel,” said a highly motivated activist.

The organization “Dmmi Nan Bwa” of the Second Plain, close to the opposition, is ready to demonstrate on February 7 to demand the resignation of the Head of State.

At the forum, individuals from the Digue threw stones at the Christian Complex, creating a moment of disruption and panic. but everything was quickly back in order and the meeting continued, after young opposition supporters of the popular district “Persin” put the disrupters to flight.

Mobilization! Mobilization! Departure of President Jovenel Moses! These are the summary of the resolution adopted by the opposition members at the end of the Forum.



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