Dominican Republic: Police intervenes more than one thousand 400 points of drugs nationwide

Police officers assigned to the Central Counternarcotics Directorate ( Dican ), of the National Police , occupied different types of drugs , including heroin, cocaine, marijuana, crack and ecstasy pills.

The drug was confiscated through the intervention of 1,471 points of sale of narcotic substances and 62 raids nationwide, making available to justice 1,117 people.

Dican report indicates that the acting agents, in the company of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, occupied 62.70 grams of heroin; 12.99 kilograms of cocaine (12,993.35 grams); 200.98 pounds of marijuana; nine bushes of that narcotic vegetable; 134 pills of ecstasy and 1.26 kilograms of crack (1,262.30 grams).

Of the total of those subjected to justice by micro-trafficking, one thousand 105 are men while 12 are female.



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