The Hypocrisy of Justin Bieber’s Boring, Beige Clothing Line-

According to Justin Bieber, the kids are, like, all right, I guess.

At 24 years old, the Canadian singer has joined the ranks of performers like Kanye West, Rihanna, and Beyoncé, who all founded clothing lines.

Bieber’s take is called Drew House, and it dropped yesterday after months of hype and promotion on his own Instagram account. The first collection includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, corduroy pants, and a few button-ups, almost exclusively in varying shades of beige.

The simple designs and color scheme have inevitably drawn comparisons to Yeezy, Kanye West’s foray into fashion. Many of the t-shirts are branded with a smiley face, which make Bieber’s attempt look like a collaboration between Yeezy and Walmart. Or, based on the vacant, zombie-esque stares of Drew House’s too-cool models, this drop could come courtesy of Yeezy and the Smiley Face Killer.

There’s something cultish about the House of Drew branding, especially the main ad on the website’s homepage. A group of mostly white, mostly female models—all dressed in beige corduroy—surround a Bieber-y young man.



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