Trinidad: PAY OR WE LOSE HANDS Trini 6 kidnapped in Venezuela call home

PAY the ransom or their hands will be chopped off.

This is the ultimatum given yesterday to the families of six men, one of whom is a teenager, who were kidnapped on Monday and are now being held against their will at an unknown location in Venezuela. The ransom demanded is US$200,000 (TT$1,353,350 or $15,768,640,000 Venezuelan Bolivars).

The six are Jude Jaikaran,16; brothers Jason, 38, and Jerry O’Brian, 36; Ricky Rambharose, 35; Brandon Arjoon, 29; and Linton Manohar, 36, all of Morne Diablo.

A photograph which circulated widely on social media especially Facebook showed all the men except Rambharose, sitting on the floor while being surrounded by men pointing machine-guns at them. This photo was sent to relatives on Monday morning.



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