Jamaica: Hooligans Creating New Tour Experiences-Hiking with the Hooligans (Dogs) opens new niche tour product

There is a new and unusual tour now available in the hills near the little town of Adelphi in St James. It’s called Hiking with the Hooligans and it affords guests the opportunity to walk the countryside with between one and two hundred rescued dogs.

The tour was conceived by the founder of the Montego Bay Animal Haven, Tammy Browne, who collaborated with Irina Bruce, the owner of IrieLab, a company specialising in interactive experiences for tourists visiting Jamaica.

Browne, a veterinary technician, reveals that the tour has been a long-time dream of hers and her inspiration came from Costa Rica where a lady named Lya Battle has rescued hundreds of dogs. Battle created a “no kill” sanctuary that houses more than six hundred dogs and while she does not operate a tour, people come from far and wide to visit the animals.

In Adelphi, Jamaica, the concept from Costa Rica has been taken several steps further into a hiking tour involving the dogs that Browne affectionately refers to as her “hooligans”.

“Hiking with the Hooligans is just the most incredible opportunity not just to see inland Jamaica but to share that experience with a hundred or two hundred happy hooligans who want to just romp and play and show you what a beautiful country we live in,” she explains.



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