Bahamas: Company Aims To Spark Connections Between Bahamian, Chinese Businesses

A NEW trip offering by Bahamaren Limited promises Bahamian entrepreneurs a full immersion into the entrepreneurial spirit of the Chinese business environment.

The company seeks to spark entrepreneurial connections between Bahamian and Chinese businesses, and hopefully build lasting networks for new ventures between the two countries.

The trip is from October 19 to 29, and will include a business lecture organized with the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce on how to do business in China as an entrepreneur.

“Our team hopes that those who make the investment in our trip see the value of enjoying a lot of insights from travelling and seeing firsthand the future of technology, drone innovation, block chain technology, and consumer goods,” according to a press statement.

“Travelling as a means of learning plays an important developmental role in becoming a better entrepreneur.”

Latrae Rahming, Bahamaren Managing Director, said the Canton Fair and Shenzhen 10 Days entrepreneurial trip isn’t free, but is an investment Bahamians should consider because it is aimed to help Bahamians find opportunities.



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