NYC: City Council mandates training for cosmetologists to spot domestic violence…What??!!

In New York City, haircuts may soon also serve as lifelines for people experiencing domestic violence.

The city will conduct training sessions on how to recognize signs of domestic violence for cosmetologists under legislation passed by the City Council Thursday. They’ll also be outfitted with information and resources they can pass on to their clients who might need help.

“I go to my barber to trim my beard once a week and I have a relationship with my barber — just like my wife may have a relationship with her hair stylist,” Councilman Rafael Salamanca (D-Bronx), who sponsored the bill, said. “Within those relationships, sometimes there are intimate conversations that can be had.”

The training would be conducted by the Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender Based Violence.

A similar program exists in Illinois, where stylists are required to report instances of domestic violence.



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