Dominican Republic: DGII detected the largest tax scam for more than 4 billion

Scheme. For nine years the Tremols Payero group simulated costs and expenses to evade taxes. Justice. In fact there are 12 people involved, of which three are prisoners.

The General Directorate of Internal Taxes ( DGII ) detected the largest case of tax fraud ever before seen to the detriment of the Dominican State, amounting to 9 billion pesos, including interest and compensation.

It’s about the Group Tremols Payero , dedicated to the production and commercialization of alcoholic beverages, which used multiple companies composed of ghost companies to carry out illicit cross-operations, depending on their economic interests.

These companies reported to the DGII a series of millionaire expenses resulting from fictitious purchases, made to other companies that did not have this capacity to sell, nor were they related to their economic activity.

These purchases were deducted from their real income in order to circumvent the payment of income tax and the corresponding ITBIS.



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