Cuba: The Value of Voting NO in the Feb. 24 Referendum in Cuba

Even though I normally express myself with images, this time I want to give my (written) opinion about the debate surrounding the upcoming constitutional referendum on February 24th.

I am one of those people advocating for voting NO on the ballot paper.

It’s in our nature to constantly chase after our wellbeing, and we can make pretty good moves towards it as well as being led astray. One of the things that makes us different is the path that we choose to reach this.

In a way, the sum of these paths chosen by Cubans has been shaping our nation. However, the final result doesn’t seem to be satisfying most people’s needs.

It’s hard for those of us who are chasing after a better Cuba to agree on what is the best path towards doing this.

If the population were to refuse to take part in the vote en masse, it could be a crushing blow to the appearances of conformity that our Government is trying so hard to uphold. Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe that this will happen given today’s situation.



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