Jamaica: Hendrickson Planning Jamaica’s Tallest High-Rise

It would be the tallest structure in Jamaica if the plans gain traction, but for now, hotelier Kevin Hendrickson says the design of a 28-floor tower that he has under consideration for development in New Kingston is still going on the drawing board.

Hendrickson, who is in the process of redeveloping the former Wyndham hotel at 77 Knutsford Boulevard, is weighing the development of the tower on adjoining land currently in use as a parking lot.

That high-rise would eclipse the country’s current tallest structure, The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, which Hendrickson also owns. That hotel has 17 floors.

The tower development, as it is currently conceptualised, would incorporate parking on the lower 10 floors, some of which would be built underground, while the other 18 floors would house condominiums. Hendrickson says the parking facility would serve his three hotels along the Knutsford Boulevard row – 77 Knutsford, Courtleigh and The Jamaica Pegasus – but would also incorporate extra space for public parking.



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