Dominican Republic: Infectologist warns more cases of rabies may appear

The young Pedernales native admitted last Monday at the Robert Reid Cabral hospital with symptoms of human rabies is in stable conditions and under sedation waiting for the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) of Atlanta to submit the results of the Viral study that was done to confirm or rule out the disease.

Dr. Josefina Fernandez, director of the Department of Infectiousness of the referred center, explained that the health status of Ana Luisa Pérez is stable and sedatives are being administered to prevent agitation, while receiving the results on Thursday.

The specialist said that in case the samples show a positive result, the parents will be proposed to apply the “Milwaukee Protocol” or induced coma to administer antiviral drugs, as this is the only possibility that can survive the lethal disease, although he acknowledged that it has not been successful in the most recent cases corresponding to three children from Peten who died at the end of last year.



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