Trinidad: SHELDON FOUND DEAD-5 weeks after being kidnapped

FIVE weeks after being kidnapped at gunpoint by men dressed in police clothing, and a two-million dollar ransom later being demanded, Sheldon Sukhdeo was found dead yesterday with his body being dumped in bushes two miles into a forested area in Las Lomas No. 2.

The discovery brought an end to weeks of searching by both the police and Sukhdeo’s relatives which saw officers search houses and shacks in Beetham Gardens, parts of Central Trinidad and even in Tobago. Police sources last night confirmed that the ransom was never paid.

Sources said investigators received a tip-off and at 1 pm, they went to Las Lomas No. 2 and immediately picked up a foul stench. Officers came across Sukhdeo’s body face down on the forest floor with his entire head completely wrapped and sealed with duct tape. Tie-straps were used to secure his hands and feet.



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