Grassroots Immigration Group: Amnesty Is Worse than No Wall

President Donald Trump should not offer a combined “DACA-Dreamer” amnesty to win “one-tenth of a border fence,” says William Gheen, founder of the grassroots Americans for Legal Immigration PAC group.

“Every single amnesty bill we’ve seen for 15 years has been filled with all sorts of restrictions and enforcement promises designed to garner votes in Congress and give lawmakers things to cover their asses with angry constituents,” Gheen told Breitbart News. He continued:

Each time we have found language in the bill that allows all enforcement to be skipped or ignored or they will just pass it and ignore the enforcement restrictions like the ’86 Amnesty. It is completely offensive and wrong that the U.S. Senate is even considering anything like Dreamer or DACA Amnesty considering the way the nation voted in 2016 to try to go in a different direction.



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