Bahamas: Buju Banton’s Legal Team Unhappy With Attacks On Activist Greene

BUJU Banton’s legal team has reached out to Erin Greene to distance the artist from attacks she has endured after saying the reggae star’s song “Boom Bye Bye” should not be played at his concert here in March.

Last week, Ms Greene told The Tribune Mr Banton’s performance should not be opposed as long as he did not sing the song which advocates violence towards gay people. That interview with Ms Greene inspired a torrent of commentary within the last week, much of it venomous towards the activist who mostly welcomed Mr Banton and his show.


Ms Greene, pictured right, said the reactions to her comments have her concerned for her safety and for others in the LGBT community. She said she has experienced threatening behaviour in the last week, with people behaving suspiciously and shouting “boom bye bye” at her in public.

She said: “Buju Banton’s legal team, after they become aware of the public sentiment, reached out to me to indicate they are not comfortable with the level of vitriol in the discourse and they had no intention and have no intention of being the cause of such conflict or vitriol and what they are concerned about most is all Bahamians get to enjoy this concert safely and all Bahamians are safe when Buju is here performing.”


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