Tech writer suggests ’10 Year Challenge’ may be collecting data for facial recognition algorithm

As innocuous as it may seem, the viral “10 Year Challenge” flooding social media feeds everywhere may have been created to collect large amounts of data for future facial recognition software, according to one prominent tech writer.

Although its inception is hard to pin point exactly, the so-called “10 Year Challenge” or “How Hard Did Aging Hit You” or “Glow Up Challenge” meme appears to have started picking up steam shortly after the New Year.

The “challenge” asks social media users to post side-by-side images of the first profile photo they ever shared on the social media platform (or one from approximately 10 years ago) alongside an image of themselves from the present.

Since the meme was introduced – it’s unclear by whom – it’s become wildly popular on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with millions of people participating in the trend.



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