Jamaica: Bunting Says US Use ‘Technicalities’ To Suppress Jamaica’s Ganja Industry

Opposition spokesman on Industry, Commerce and Competitiveness Peter Bunting has described restrictions imposed by outside powers on the development of Jamaica’s medicinal marijuana industry as “international economic injustice”.

Bunting made the statement during last week’s hosting of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s World Service Radio’s World Questions programme, held in St Andrew at Spanish Court Hotel. The programme, which highlighted concerns voiced by Jamaicans, was aired on BBC World Service Radio on Saturday morning.

Responding to presenter Jonny Dymond, who asked if Jamaica has “missed the boat” in terms of the development of marijuana for medicinal purposes, Bunting pointed a finger at the United States for using technicalities in its laws to prevent Jamaica from building out the industry.

“The war against drugs that was declared by Richard Nixon in 1972 was fought in countries like Jamaica and countries in Central America. At the time, we were the leaders in terms of the quality of our Jamaican herb. While they were spending millions suppressing our industry, they were developing their industry in Colorado and California. Then we are wondering why it is we have missed the boat.”



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