Haiti – HUEH : Strike of resident and internal doctors for insecurity !

Following the attack on Wednesday on two interns by unidentified individuals who forcibly removed a wounded patient before executing it near the main barrier of the State University of Haiti (HUEH), interns and residents of the HUEH, met urgently on Thursday faced the gravity of the situation.

At the conclusion of this meeting, divided between radical and moderate positions, it was decided to begin a strike on the same day until Tuesday, January 22, to demand that the authorities ensure the security of the hospital before any resumption of work, explained Dr. Jean Dens Emmanuel Desrosiers. He believes that to prevent such an incident from happening again, it is necessary that safety measures be put in place to limit the risks, reassure patients and hospital staff who feel at risk.

Remember that several doctors of the HUEH have already been physically attacked by bandits and some services no longer work at night, doctors refusing to provide night care…

If nothing is done by Tuesday to ensure the safety of staff and patients of the hospital, the protesters point out that the strike could be long and the situation degenerate…


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