Jamaica: Women doing surgery to fatten vaginas

It is not uncommon for women to do cosmetic surgeries in order to get the perfect hour glass figure.

However, it seems there is a new trend on the market, as some women are now finding another way to improve the look of their vaginas.

Jane Brown* told THE STAR that she got fat injected into her vaginal region, and it is one of the best things that she has ever done.

“My confidence gone sky high, and it sure brings more attention to me of course. I sat down with my husband before and talk to him about it, and we don’t regret it one bit,” she said, laughing.

Michelle Garcia, a representative from Dominican Republic-based plastic surgery facility Designer Body’s, said that after a person does a tummy tuck, the vagina would seem ‘fatter’ because the skin is pulled upwards.

But she said that more persons are now asking for fat to be injected into the vaginal region.

“We get loads of girls asking for the designer vagina because most girls like to fat up that area. What we would do is take fat from the side or the back, if there is enough there and inject it in the groin area making the vagina look bigger,” she said.



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