Bahamas: Passenger Banned After Jumping From Cruise Ship In Nassau

A ROYAL Caribbean passenger has been banned from the cruise line for life after jumping off the 11th floor of a Symphony of the Seas ship that was docked in Nassau.

Friends of Nick Naydev, of Vancouver, Washington, filmed the 27-year-old jumping off a balcony and into an estimated 100-feet of water.

Mr Naydev later posted the video to his social media account.

The jumper was not allowed back aboard the ship and local police were called. However, officers reportedly found the situation “amusing” and did not file any legal action, according to Mr Naydev.

Royal Caribbean has since rebuked the move as “stupid and reckless behaviour” in a statement to People. The magazine also reported the cruise will be “exploring legal action” against Mr Naydev and his friends.

The video was posted seven days ago on Mr Naydev’s Instagram profile. In the clip, he can be seen climbing onto the railing and leaping into the ocean. Two other people are in the background and one person can be heard laughing hysterically.

The video has been viewed over 100,000 times up to press time.



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