NYC: Feds seize four kilos of heroin and bust five high-end Brooklyn drug ring suspects

The members of a Brooklyn heroin ring busted Wednesday by federal authorities viewed their potent product as the Mercedes-Benz of smack.

Five suspects were arrested for running the lucrative heroin-slinging operation that operated in East New York and Bushwick, along with South Ozone Park in Queens, authorities said.

A wiretapped phone conversation captured suspect Melvin Sanabria, 42, of Queens, complaining to colleague Dino (Dinito) Sanchez about the the inferior quality of a heroin sample provided by the latter drug dealer.

“I don’t rent Hondas or Acuras,” said Sanabria, equating the bad dope with mid-level cars. “Around here we drive Benz and Lambos.”

The comparison to luxury Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini vehicles referenced the ring’s preference for pricey and pure heroin, authorities charged. In other coded conversations, Sanchez, 40, of Brooklyn, mentioned a Bentley and a Rolls-Royce Phantom when referring to the quality of his drugs.



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