NYC: Cops take down mob-linked drug gang in Queens

Operation Goodfellas has nabbed quite a few badfellas.

Cops on Wednesday rounded up a den of suspected Queens drug dealers — including a man with reputed ties to La Cosa Nostra — for slinging fentanyl-laced heroin and cocaine in Queens and Brooklyn.

The busts are the result of a 10-month investigation — Operation Goodfellas — that started with a tip from a cop in the 110th Precinct that a gang with ties to organized crime was peddling drugs, NYPD Deputy Inspector Dominick D’Orazio said.

Reputed mobster, David Antoinuche, 51, ran an organized ring that made both inside and outside sales. Undercover cops bought 150 grams of heroin and 300 grams of cocaine, worth about $35,000 on the street.

“These were mid- to high-level dealers in Brooklyn and Queens,” D’Orazio said. “Opioids is a major problem in the city. Cases like this go a long way toward addressing the problem.”



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