Haiti – Religion : A great first in the history of voodoo in the South Department

Monday, took place the ceremony of oath of voodoo priest Nerat Ilderice as religious Minister of voodoo, before the Dean of the Court of First Instance (TPI) of Les Cayes.

By this service, the Haitian State conferred the power to the priest Ilderice to officiate in the ceremonies of marriage, baptism and funerals, in the same way as the catholic priests, the pastors and this, in accordance with the decree of April 14 2003 on the legal status of voodoo.

In his speech, Pierre Roldy Maurice, Director of the Departmental Directorate South (DDS) of the Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) in front of an assembly composed of the Dean, the lawyers, the Bâtonnier, magistrates sitting and standing, clerks, guests and 18 voodoo representatives from each of the 18 communes of the South Department and the Protector of the Citizen Me Renan Hédouville, which recalled that “freedom of religion is part of human rights, that the Haitian State has the imperative obligation to ensure everyone the enjoyment of this right and that the OPC is committed to protect the rights of each voodoo and followers of other cults.”



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