Grenada: Acres of Cocoa Cleared for Sugar Cane-Dunfermline Rum

Several acres of cocoa and other bearing trees have been cut down in the process of clearing lands on the Dunfermline Estate; lands Informer understands are owned by a prominent St. Andrew’s family but have since been leased.

These cleared lands, we were told by a gentleman who brought us to the site last Monday, will be used for a sugarcane plantation, while the cane will be used to produce red rum as we understood that a new rum distillery will be set up in the area.

Dunfermline once accommodated the manufacture of a brand of rum called Dunfermline Rum. An estate there once consisted of a sugar cane plantation with a rum producing factory but this factory ceased to exist in the late nineties. It is was not clear what led to the collapse of the operation but the remainder of the cane plantation was sold to other distilleries.

The Dunfermline Rum was once a popular rum, the source told us, and at one point it controlled the market as the most drinkable local rum.



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