Dominican Republic: They welcome changes in prisons in the country

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH-RD) and the Penitentiary Pastoral Care of the Catholic Church yesterday greeted the Humanization Plan of the Penitentiary System, carried out by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), which seeks to create a prison system where all inmates of the country receive a dignified and egalitarian treatment.

The head of the CNDH, Manuel María Mercedes, noted that “if the attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez complies with what was announced, we would be in a before and after in terms of compliance with the human rights of those deprived of liberty, which today is deplorable , by the Dominican State. “

The plan essentially includes the construction of prisons focused on a human model, where the 26,000 penitentiaries that the system currently has access to better health, education and other services. “With this project we would be in the ante-room to contribute to solve the most serious problems of this system, including the main one, which is overcrowding,” said Maria Mercedes.



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