Theresa May Could Be Ousted After Wednesday ‘No Confidence’ Vote: Here’s What To Expect

By all accounts, a historic defeat like the one suffered by Prime Minister Theresa May Tuesday night when the Commons overwhelmingly rejected her Brexit withdrawal agreement by a margin of roughly 230 votes, would have prompted a British leader to resign in disgrace. But these are not normal times.

Instead, May has vowed to press ahead with another round of negotiations, pledging to reach across party lines to try and hammer out a deal that would have a chance of winning approval in the Commons. However, even if she is successful, it’s still unclear whether the EU27 leaders would accept it. After the vote, EU Chief negotiator Michel Barnier told the EU Parliament that the likelihood of a chaotic no-deal Brexit was “higher than ever” (though he hinted that a compromise could be reached if May would budge on some of her ‘red lines’ – like the size of any future payments made by Britain to the EU, or its restrictions on immigration, or membership in the customs union or single market), according to RT.



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