Norms and Burgers-The hubbub over the president’s food choices is making his critics look like uptight elitists.

There is an awful lot to be upset about at the moment: Over the past week, Donald Trump has threatened to declare a national emergency on completely spurious grounds. We are now entering the 25th day of the government shutdown. Meanwhile, we have learned that the FBI was sufficiently concerned about the loyalty of the president to open an investigation into whether he might be a Russian asset, and he has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that there would be no public records of his meetings with Vladimir Putin.

But what has a depressingly large number of American journalists been focusing on for the past twenty-four hours? Donald Trump’s choice to serve fast food—“McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King with some pizza,” as he put it—to the Clemson football team. “Trump Treating Champion Clemson to Finest Fast-Food Dinner,” New York magazine headlined. “ ‘We have everything that I like’: Trump serves fast-food feast for Clemson’s White House visit,” the Washington Post announced. Political Twitter was even more obsessed: At one point, #WhiteHouseDinners, Big Macs, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s were all trending.



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