Haiti: Towards an unblocking of 16.5 million for education projects

t the invitation of the Global Partnership in Education (GPE), Pierre Josué Agénor Cadet, the Minister of National Education, at the head of a delegation participate from 14 to 16 January 2019 in Washington to a high-level Technical Workshop. This activity is part of the finalization of the 10-year Education and Training Plan (PDEF) and the financing of education projects in Haiti by the GPE.

This is an essential step in the partnership between the GPE and Haiti, which should include a fundinf access of $16.5 million to support educational projects.

Other technical and financial partners, particularly the European Union, UNICEF, UNESCO and the World Bank are taking part in these exchanges, which should ultimately lead to the release of funds for Haiti in the field of education and a consensus on the possible adjustments for the finalization of the final document of the PDEF



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