Antigua: Dengue Fever Detected In Antigua

Health authorities in Antigua and Barbuda are on high alert following the confirmation of 10 Dengue related cases.

The information was disclosed during a news conference yesterday at the Ministry of Health headquarters on lower High street.

Doctor Anju Smith reported that two of the suspected 10 cases were confirmed through laboratory testing.

Smith went into detail on the cases thus far, revealing that females and adults comprise the majority of those who have been affected.

“We haven’t had any deaths, but we have noted seven of these [patients] had to be admitted at the hospital. We have seen more adults being affected than children and we’ve had more females being detected than males. The age ranges have been from 11 months to 82 years of age.”

She identified the residential areas where the cases have been detected.

“Now the areas where these persons originated with the suspected disease, Dengue, we’ve had English Harbour, Jennings, Ovals, Ottos, Gambles, Potters and Gray’s Farm,” Dr Smith said.


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