AGAINST the backdrop of the upsurge in recent violent criminal activity, Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinkson has given the assurance that the security forces responsible for protecting the country will be given the necessary resources to maintain law and order.

According to the Minister, “We know that we are going through difficult economic times at present, but as I said, the maintenance of law and order and the security of our national base of our security is of paramount importance and government will put the resources in the Police, in the BDF (Barbados Defence Force) and in all the supporting agencies to maintain law and order.”

While not going into details, he stated: “We will give the resources, equipment, the machinery, the manpower to make Barbados secure and stable.”

Minister Hinkson was delivering remarks at the National Council on Substance Abuse’s Drug Awareness Month church service, which was held at the First Baptist Church on Constitution Road yesterday morning.

He stated: “It cannot be that for the last week, every other night there is gunfire some part of Barbados. People being killed… and there is an inextricable link between legal drug use and criminal activity and guns and violence.”


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