Bahamas: Police Asked To Investigate Junkanoo Bribery Claims

THE Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence has asked the Royal Bahamas Police Force to investigate claims of bribery at the 2018 Boxing Day and New Years Day parades, according to JCNP chairman Silbert Ferguson.

The claims stem from several recordings of calls from a purported female judge to a man from a category A Junkanoo group.

The JCNP is taking the allegations seriously in part because Mr Ferguson is convinced some of the calls originated on New Years Day from the organisation’s Norfolk House location on Frederick Street, access to which is tightly controlled and reserved exclusively for parade operators and judges.

“The call was based from there based on what you are hearing on the tapes,” he said. “Ain everybody could walk in there like that. That’s a place only judges go and the officials.”

Mr Ferguson did not dismiss the possibility that someone could be pulling a stunt on the Junkanoo community, but he said until the woman on the recording is found, it must be taken seriously.

About 60 people judge the two parades, most of whom are women. The JCNP believes they have narrowed the list of people who could have made the calls to eight or ten, but the body is powerless to investigate the matter any further.



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