SEE IT:The Best of CES 2019-Only the cream of the crop

Best Accessibility Tech

The Gait Enhancing Motivational System (or GEMS, for short) is Samsung’s conceptual line of assistive wearables. The biggest of them all is the GEMS-H, a lower-body exoskeleton. Weighing in at 4.6 pounds, the GEMS-H is light enough to be comfortable to wear, with an unobtrusive and some might call attractive design. It has two primary modes: Power assist, which lets you walk with 23 percent less effort or almost 20 percent faster, and resistance, which is intended to help rehabilitate you after an injury (or provide a gentle workout).

Best Startup

Chinese startup Nreal has only been around for two years, but its new Light mixed-reality headset is proof that Microsoft and Magic Leap aren’t the only serious players in town. Even at this early stage, we were impressed by the crisp, vivid images the headset could produce, to say nothing of the fact that Nreal managed to squeeze some incredibly complex components into a headset that could pass for an (almost) normal, comfortable pair of sunglasses.



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