Poland Arrests Huawei Executive On Espionage Charges

In the latest sign that the US’s western allies are heeding its warnings about the espionage threat posed by Huawei and its executives, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Poland had arrested a Huawei executive based in the country and accused him of “conducting high-level espionage on behalf of a Chinese spy agency.”

“The Chinese national is a businessman working for a major electronics company…the Pole is a person known in circles associated with cyber business,” Maciej Wasik, the deputy head of Poland’s special services, told PAP.

Officers from Poland’s counterintelligence agency have searched Huawei’s office, leaving with documents and electronic data. They also searched the executive’s home on Tuesday.

The executive’s name wasn’t released. A Chinese national, he was identified only as a graduate of one of China’s top intelligence colleges, as well as a former employee of the Chinese consulate in the port city of Gdansk.



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