Las Vegas Police Issue Warrant for Cristiano Ronaldo DNA Sample in Connection with Reopened Rape Investigation

Las Vegas authorities have issued a warrant to draw a DNA sample from Cristiano Ronaldo, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, as part of a recently reopened investigation into a June 2009 rape allegation against the soccer superstar. Kathryn Mayorga says Ronaldo raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room a decade ago and then paid her $375,000 in hush money to cover up the incident. Ronaldo, through his attorneys, confirmed that the pair had a sexual encounter, but insisted that it was consensual. “This agreement is by no means a confession of guilt,” an attorney for Ronaldo said. The warrant has been filed in the Italian court system where the Portuguese forward plays for Juventus.

The alleged rape took place after Ronaldo and Mayorga met at a nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort. The soccer star then invited Mayorga to a party in his suite, where Mayorga alleges he assaulted her. In a previous civil complaint, Mayorga says she begged him to stop and that he apologized afterward saying “he was usually a gentleman.” Mayorga immediately reported the alleged rape to police, filing a police report the same day the alleged assault took place.



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